Oseda Penthouse

Oseda Penthouse



Local Super Hosts

Oseda's Hosts - David and Heny

Welcome to a unique collaboration between Steve, the owner of the top floor penthouse, and David, Heny, and their family, the esteemed proprietors of Oseda's Surf House Nias. Together, they have created a local haven where beauty meets relaxation and where the spirit of adventure blends seamlessly with warm hospitality. Steve, along with David and Heny, epitomizes the essence of easy-going charm, ensuring your stay is not just comfortable but truly enjoyable. As your hosts and chef, David and Heny bring to life the legends of Sorake Beach and offer more than just accommodation; they provide an authentic experience. Immerse yourself in their expertise, catch the thrill of the waves, and embrace the rich cultural heritage of Nias, all while basking in the welcoming ambiance they have crafted for you.

IDR 750,000 for 2 Sessions

Local Surf Guide - Anto Anton

If you're looking for an amazing surfing experience, look no further! Our experienced surf guide, Anto Anton, is here to make your sessions unforgettable. You can reach him directly at WhatsApp +62 813 6104 7375 to book your sessions. The package includes two fantastic surfing sessions along with surfboard hire or bring your own board, all for just $75. Get ready to catch some waves and have a fantastic time in the water with Anto as your guide!

IDR 1,500,000 for 2 Sessions

Surf Photographer - Alex Buuloo

Please contact Alex Buuloo (Falaga Photos and Videos) via WhatsApp. As a guest at Oseda Penthouse, we offer a variety of photo packages, allowing you to capture the wonderful memories of Sorake and the waves to take home with you.The standard package is $150 AUD for 2 sessions per day over the course of 1 week. This includes photos of each of your daily surf sessions (2 or more if you're up for it), taken from both shore and boat angles. Additionally, a video session is included once during the week, starting at 7 am and ending at 11 am. If you choose additional boat angle days, please add $90 AUD / IDR 900,000 per 7 am - 9 am session. Please note that boat hire in the morning is expensive. All photos are captured over roughly a 1-week period.If your stay exceeds 1 week and you wish to extend, kindly discuss your requirements with Alex. We will tailor the best package and price to suit your needs and duration in Sorake.Oseda guests receive a 10% discount off the listed prices.For bookings, please contact: Alex Buuloo via WhatsApp: +62 82276246764.Our team photographers:Salute Zagoto and Endi Zagoto

Ready for explore? Don't hesitate to ask our knowledgeable hosts for ideas

Discover the rich heritage of Nias while exploring our world-class wave spots and scenic hiking trails. Curious about the local Sorake Beach traditions or seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures? Reach out to our friendly hosts at Oseda’s. They’re your gateway to authentic cultural experiences, hidden wave gems, and breathtaking hikes. Don’t miss out – ask us how to make your Nias adventure unforgettable!