Oseda Penthouse

Oseda Penthouse


Where is Saroke Bay and Lagundri Bay?

You’ll find the picturesque Stroke Bay and Lagundri Bay nestled along the sunny southern coast of Nias Island. This lovely island is situated just south of Simeulue Island and north of the enchanting Telos Islands, all along the beautiful western shoreline of North Sumatra, Indonesia.

How to get there

If you are keen to score one of the most perfect waves on the planet, then the gateway to Nias Island is Medan in Sumatra. Here, flights run daily to and from Nias…seriously don’t bother with the slow ferry option. If you are coming to Jakarta, Have your trip will look like this.

First Flight
Fly to Jakarta, Java (Approx. 2 hours)
Second Flight 
Fly from Jakarta to Medan, Sumatra (Approx. 2 hours 15 minutes)
Third Flight   
Fly from Medan to Binaka Airport, Nias (Approx 1 hour)
Drive or Taxi 
From Binaka to Lagundri Bay, Nias (Approx. 3 hours)

What Else Should I Know?

The best time to catch some waves at Saroke Bay / Lagundri Bay is during the sunny and dry months, typically from April to October. It’s a popular spot, so expect to see lots of surf enthusiasts during this time, especially when there’s a swell on the horizon. The local surfers here are really skilled, but occasionally, you might encounter a bit of localism and lack of surf etiquette, which can be a bummer. Outside the water, some local photographers might not be too welcoming to outsiders capturing the beauty of the surf. If you wish to avoid the big crowds, consider visiting during the off-season or explore boat trips to Hinako Islands to other areas for a more peaceful surfing experience.



See what our visitors think of Oseda Penthouse

  •   Beautiful place! I believe one of the best quality accommodations in this area.
    Located right in front of Sorake beach surf point. Also there are a few local restaurants /... read more

    thumb Soohyun
    1 January, 2024

      The penthouse is the best place to stay in Nias! It’s quieter away from the main section of town, but still super central and a 5min walk to the surf... read more

    thumb Caitlin
    17 October, 2023

      Fantastic place overlooking Lagundri bay, quiet and comfortable, very comfy sofa and bed

    thumb Sebastian
    16 August, 2023
  •   All was great! Best place in Nias for surfers.

    thumb Nikita
    12 July, 2023

      We had a very nice stay at Stephen’s place. The appartment is very cosy and confortable, with a nice view on Sorake bay.

    thumb Loïc
    31 August, 2022